Cannabis Growers of Canada

Cannabis Growers of Canada

Together, growing a better cannabis industry

Cannabis Growers of Canada

Company Overview


When the Cannabis Growers of Canada first came to us they had no brand, no marketing strategy, and no website. Just a collection of incredibly passionate and talented cannabis growers with a mission to save their gardens and livelihoods as patient providers. Jade Maple immediately went to work building this organization from the ground up.

The result is the leading organization in Canada for cannabis growers seeking representation and support in furtherance of the industry and patients they rely upon. The CGC gained national exposure within weeks of launching and are hard at work promoting a healthy, positive perception of cannabis in Canada.


  • Work with management to develop a business plan with a clear mission, vision and strategy
  • Incorporate a federal non-profit organization
  • Construct a company identity, including logo and marketing materials
  • Build a full-featured website with member resources that will enhance their experience
  • Create a marketing communications strategy and assist with social media
  • Secure public relations opportunities for CGC leadership to raise awareness of their organization and mission
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