Legal & Administration

Our management consultants have years of experience and can assist you in any critical business decision. We can help you effectively navigate legal documents, registrations, and more.



Our management professionals come with years of experience in management-level positions from large, established firms and can assist you in any critical business decision. Whatever your business model or situation, clients benefit from having the counsel of our professional executives at their fingertips.



If you're planning an event, let Jade Maple's experts help you make it the best it can possibly be. From booking venues and hotels, raising awareness, food and beverage, finding sponsors, and delegate registrations, we can manage the complex logistics behind putting on a world-class event. We've worked with some of the top venues in Canada and will ensure your sponsors and attendees have an unforgettable experience.



Are you establishing subsidiaries, parents, spin-offs or breaking in to foreign markets? Your legal structure becomes more and more critical to the efficient operations of your business. Jade Maple’s legal and financial professionals can create a structure that meets your needs as well as provide the maximum tax savings.



If you're holding a Cannabis Cup or other competition are you doing all that you can to ensure the sanctity of the results? The most respected competitions around the world always use an independent scrutineer. Jade Maple's professionals can work with you to independently assign entrant ID's, collect votes, and tabulate the results.



So you have a great brand or product but what are you doing to protect yourself against infringements on the things you worked so hard to build? Jade Maple's registered trademark agents will work with you to ensure you enjoy all the protections provided by law so you can rest assured that your brand reputation is secure against unauthorized use.

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